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Having won a trip for two that had to be taken in 2019, Sylvia and I decided to go to Tanzania for our fortieth wedding anniversary. We loved our experience in Southern Africa and wanted to see the "endless plain" that is the Serengeti. OAT's Safari Serengeti: Tanzania Lodge & Tented Safari provided the perfect venue to celebrate.


Since the time difference between home and East Africa is nine hours, we planned to spend a couple of nights in Amsterdam along the way. When we got there we took it easy and enjoyed a canal cruise and a nice lunch.

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Arusha and Karatu

Arusha is the gateway to the Serengeti in Tanzania. Along the way we lingered in Karatu and enjoyed exploring Tarangire National Park.

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We always enjoy interacting with local people in town and in the countryside. We had several water filters to give away, so we stopped at a water hole along the highway where Maasai villagers were collecting water to take home. Our trip leader asked them if they wanted water filters and gave filters to those whom accepted his offer.

We later stopped at a village to interact with their beading and dancing.


Riding in custom-built enclosed Land Cruisers, we scoured the national parks for wildlife; and we were not disappointed.

Tarangire National Park offered many animals up close.

Serengeti National Park was a festival of wildlife including leopards, lions, cheetah, elephants, cape buffalo, hippos and a dazzling number of birds.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the only place we saw a black rhino.