You will find some interesting photography here.

I enjoy landscape photography using high-dynamic-range techniques. I also like to capture panoramic images indoors and out. The combination of these techniques can be truly fascinating.

My love of the outdoors has also helped me develop an interest in botanical photography, which also has stunning results.


I use a process based on high dynamic range image processing and tone-mapping or image fusion to create many of my images.

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)

Example Fusion Image
Example Fusion Image

Example Tonemap Image
Example Tonemap Image

I create high dynamic range images by shooting multiple exposures of a scene and combining them. This HDR image is the source for derivative images and panoramas via a process called tone-mapping or image fusion.

Lately I'm favoring image fusion for its natural look; and using tone-mapping where textures are important. You can learn more about this here.

Calibrate Your Monitor

Calibrate Your Monitor

You need to have a monitor which has been properly "tuned" to get the best possible viewing experience.

Calibrate your monitor

Adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor so that you can distinguish each of the grayscale patches.




Gicleé prints are created using professional ink-jet printers. These modern technology printers are capable of producing astonishingly detailed photographic images.


AdoramaPix has been serving the needs of the photographic community for over a decade. Well known for the superior quality of their prints, they have become the lab of choice for metallic prints.


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