Photography these days is primarily digital, and this means computer software and hardware. Since I've been in the digital imaging field since the early 1970's, I've seen applications and systems come and go. This is an ever changing endeavor, and any attempt to predict advances in technology will be futile. However, at this point in time, there are many useful and accessible tools for digital photography, which I list here.

Camera Profiles help keep colors accurate. The cameras I use have their color profiles available for download here.

Open Source Software keeps the cost of working with digital photography under control. Just because it's free, doesn't mean it's of poor quality; most of the open source imaging software listed here is excellent.

Panographer Resources are for those of us who enjoy shooting multi-image panoramas. This is a very popular photographic discipline these days, encouraged greatly by the advent of Google Photospheres. Most of these items pertain to conventional, multi-shot, stitched panoramas.

Open Source


There is a wide spectrum of sophisticated open source or low-cost software for photography.


Equipment and Software

These items can be useful for creating and modifying panoramas.

Travel Tips

We've done a lot of traveling to collect our gallery photographs and during those journeys we've collected tips for making the next trip easier.