Scotland Road Trip

We've always wanted to visit the Scotland but there never seemed to be a good time. Finally we decided to go with friends and visit the grand kids on a tour through the highlands.

We began in Inverness (Black Isles) with a visit to a friend of our traveling companions, Buddy and Holly. She took us on hikes and drives to places she knew we'd like.


St Andrews was next on our list. Our eldest granddaughter is studying at University of St Andrews and she persuaded our youngest granddaughter to join us from Glasgow. We spent a quiet day walking about town, visiting the tourist sites.

St Andrews

On our way to Edinburgh we stopped at Dollar Academy where my father attended in the late 1930s. We greeted by a friendly volunteer who arranged for some provosts to take us around campus.

Our visit to Edinburgh was centered about the Old Town which we visited from New Town. We enjoyed the National Museum of Scotland as well as the National Portrait Gallery. While we were visiting, there was a massive march for Scottish independence along the Royal Mile.


We were surprised by how big a city is Glasgow. We stayed close to the University of Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Museum. Our youngest granddaughter gave us a University tour and we viewed the Glasgow Cathedral on our own.


Oban is a seaport on the west coast that is known for its whiskey. We used the location as a base from which we ventured south past Kilmartin and north to Isle of Skye.


Glencoe (Glen Coe) is famous for its beautiful valley and it upholds its reputation.