Travel Accessories


Sylvia is super detail oriented when it comes to all things travel. Over the years she has compiled a list of must-have travel items which don't weigh much nor take up too much space.

  1. Columbia sleeves:
    Folds up and you can put in your pocket. Adds additional warmth without having to add additional clothing layers. Also good for sun.
  2. Buff:
    Use as a scarf, head covering, mouth covering (during dusty days) and small enough to put in a pocket. BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear has been re-engineered with a 4-Way, seamless, ULTRA STRETCH fabric construction that features UPF 50 protection, and REPREVE performance microfiber fabric. The performance proven and multisport versatile Original Multifunctional Headwear dries quickly, wicks away moisture, resists wind and can be worn 12+ different ways.
  3. Flat sink stopper:
    many hotels have sinks without stoppers so difficult to wash your face or your clothing.
  4. Rick Steve’s clothes line:
    Dry your laundry anywhere; Six-foot, stretchy clothesline; Braided design needs no clothespins; End-loops with adjustable Velcro hold tight.
  5. Travelon Inflatable hangers:
    These fold flat and keep the front and back of your wet item separate so that they dry quicker. The Travelon also have small hooks good for hanging socks. There is a trick though for deflating them (bite the stem of the valve and deflate by sucking!):
  6. Ex-Officio—Give-N-Go quick dry underwear:
    Breathable mesh fabric supplies airflow to keep you cool; Antimicrobial treatment reduces odor in fabric; Comfortable and durable fabric won’t stretch out; dries overnight.
  7. Eddie Bauer foldaway 20L day pack:
    great for daily trips. EB always has these on sale. I fold it up and leave in my suitcase but instead of a purse, use this on day trips.
  8. Waterproof phone holder
    (good for underwater, rain and dust):
  9. Several sizes of ziplock bags.
    I roll them up and hold with a few rubber bands (in case I need bands).
  10. Extra TSA locks:
    often the inspectors will be lazy and just cut them off! So carry extras with you.

take pictures of your suitcase (from top and from side) and put on a paper with contact information (Name, email address, cell phone (include area code and indicate USA), and bag description (brand name, size, indicate if wheels, duffle, etc). Keep the paper with you in case a piece of luggage is lost and you can easily give it to the Lost Baggage office of the airlines. One page/bag.