Travel Insurance

It is generally a good idea to have some kind of travel insurance to cover contingencies in several categories.

  • Travel Incidents
    • Trip Cancellation
    • Trip Delay
    • Missed Connection
    • Baggage Delay
    • Lost Luggage
  • Health Incidents
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Local medical treatment

We've used OAT's provider, TripMate, in the past, but we find it quite expensive for people who travel several times a year. If you only take one trip a year then it can make sense to use them. Another strategy for frequent travellers is to buy an annual pool of insurance benefits upon which to draw upon if necessary; and since we've never had to rely on travel insurance yet (knock on wood,) this makes the most sense to us.

Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer travel insurance benefits you can use instead of buying coverage.