Overseas Adventure Travel

O.A.T. is a travel company based in Boston, MA, which we use extensively for our international travel. We especially like the cultural aspects of their trips where travellers get to meet with local people you might not otherwise find on your own. Some tour companies merely consume their destinations and travellers don't get to learn about local controversies or historical "secrets".

You can visit their website here.

Travel Accessories


Sylvia is super detail oriented when it comes to all things travel. Over the years she has compiled a list of must-have travel items which don't weigh much nor take up too much space.

Travel Insurance

It is generally a good idea to have some kind of travel insurance to cover contingencies in several categories.

Last Minute Travel Deals

If your schedule permits, you can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of OAT's last minute deals. Generally these trips depart within three months and don't require a long visa application process.

You can view the current deals here.

Early Booking

OAT provides discounts for travellers booking 15 months in advance; currently the maximum discount is 10%.