Steven has always been fascinated by Antarctica and the extreme conditions it brings to mind. A place on earth where humans were never meant to be. The cycle of life is striped to the bare minimum; the food chain is plain to see; the balance of give and take are fragile; every piece essential to the other.

OAT's White Wilderness offered a perfect chance to fulfill the dream. Their Antarctic program begins with a medical check-up to limit health risks in one of the most remote locales on our planet. Then there's the clothing and photography checklist to assemble: warm socks, waterproof pants, base-layers, parkas, etc.

Getting to the end of the earth takes a bit of time. Steven and Sylvia started in San Francisco (37.8° N), Howard started in Tennessee; and we all headed to Buenos Aires before flying to Tierra del Fuego (54.9° S) to board M/V Corinthian. The ship is a striking example of teamwork in every aspect of our traveler experience. Where to start? OAT operates a very tight ship. The crew anticipates our needs; and the procedure to disembark/embark the zodiacs runs like clockwork. The Expedition Staff prepped us with talks about wildlife, geology, climate, ecology and more.

 Superzoom Deacon Peak 

View from Deacon Peak

 Superzoom Base Esperanza 

Base Esperanza
Buenos Aires